Anónimo ha dicho: do you guys think Junho is homophobic?


It’s been two years since Junho followed @kimjhogwangsoo, one of the few openly gay people in the South Korean entertainment industry. Obviously Junho is not bothered by the content of his tweets which often bring awareness to LGBT issues. They first met when Junho and Chansung went to a screening of his movie Two Weddings and a Funeral about two gay couples. In 2013 on MBC’s talk show Radio Star Junho revealed he’s close friends with Hong Seokcheon, another openly gay man. Also last year, in Japan, Junho’s guest on several episodes of his own show “Say Yes Friendship” was Ai Haruna, a Japanese transsexual TV personality. Junho is quite friendly with the members of the LGBT community. ^^

These are just facts as we do not know him so intimately. If you disagree or want to know our personal thoughts message us unanon so we can talk privately.

No es porque sea hottest, pero nunca he visto ni a Junho, ni a ningún otro miembro de 2PM ser homófobo ni dirigir un mal comentario a nadie. Nunca. Podrán haber tenido otros escándalos, pero nunca nada relacionado con ser irrespetuosos, cerrados de mente, machistas u homófobos, y esa es una de las muchas razones por las que me gustan tanto.

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Because being at their brother’s album launch was impprtant enough
♡for two members to leave filming of dramas and fly to Japan from Korea and China.
♥for one member to fly into Korea from Bali and literally go home and change his clothes then go back to the airport and fly to Japan.
♡for one…

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When members visit Junho on set. Seems like Junho was most emotional when he saw grandpa. The way he hug Minjun, not wanting to let go~

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Back when I couldn’t speak Korean, I had Taecyeon. We would always go around together all the time. I was being lazy. I was being bad because I didn’t wanna study. Who want to study? lol Um.. Some people might want to study but I didn’t wanna study. I would take Taec with me around…


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After we became 2PM and we made a debut, we went through a lot of struggles and a lot of hard time actually. We worked really hard to prove ourselves that we’re a good team and that we can always be better. We have a lot of good fans. Thanks to a lot of support from our fans all over the world…

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  • Wooyoung would have to be the most funny guy. Wooyoung makes everyone in the group laugh. When we were really stressed out and tired, he actually made us really lively, and bright and laugh. He makes the atmosphere better.
  • Taecyeon is like a manager for the group. When we have something to…

Reading really gives you a lot of ideas and really makes you mature and makes you a better person. You know more from reading. He would say a lot of meaningful words. He would say a lot of things with reasons. That’s why I said maybe sometimes I should call him hyung because he has a lot of reasons. He doesn’t really get mad a lot. He knows how to explain every situation. He knows how other people feel. And he knows why they act the way they act.” Khun about Chansung.

I’m really proud and happy to be a part of 2PM. “

THIS!! Because this I’m Hottest <3

Favorite song from 2PM

Favorite song from 2PM?

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Markjin learned many many things from their precious Minjun hyung.. but there’s this ONE thing that stands out the most..

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